A new National Partner

An Exciting lineup such as Yogactive cereal!

A new National Partner

Nuterra Granola Fairtrade

Made with first quality Fairtrade ingredients, NuTerra Granola is more than just a delicious way to start your day. It helps build a better world focused on sustainable development. Small scale farmers are paid a fair price for their goods. This provides them with greater self-respect and autonomy, as well as better access to education and health care. When you choose NuTerra Granola you participate in restoring hope and self-sufficiency to families in several countries.


Divina Krunch Granola

Divina Krunch Granola cereals are made in Germany using high-quality natural ingredients, with no added artificial food colours, flavours, or preservatives. They taste delicious and are good for your health because they are low in sodium and constitute a source of fibre. You can indulge in this delectable gourmet pleasure at breakfast, bathing the cereal in milk, or even for dessert, with a heaping helping of fresh yogurt on top. Their divine ‘krunch’ will remind you with each bite how good it feels to yield to temptation!


YogActive Probioc Cereal

YogActive is the first and only cereal to harness the benefits of probiotics. YogActive cereals contain yogurt "pearls" that are made of active lactobacillus acidophilus cultures, one of the most active and useful forms of probiotics. Our yogurt pearls are formulated and packaged to provide your digestive tract with the maximum probiotic benefits. They are made of real, active yogurt that contributes 1 billion CFUs of probiotics to each serving.


Swissli Muesli

Swissli products, manufactured in Germany, contain delicious muesli made only of the best quality ingredients. And since the ingredients we select are pure and natural, they naturally taste good. Treat yourself to the good taste and benefits of our delicious blends at lunch, snack time or even for dessert!



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